Must Have Health and Fitness Apps

Whether you’re already a fitness fanatic or seriously thinking about shedding a few and improving your health there are a number of apps available for your iPad, iPod and iPhone to help you plan a new you. From checking your ideal weight to recording your performance here are the top must have health and fitness apps.

The sgBMI will calculate your body mass index and tell you what your ideal weight should be. Put in your height, weight and age and prepare to be disappointed. It also tells you how much weight you need to lose (or gain) to meet your ideal weight and can determine your risk for developing Cardiovascular Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes. If you need an incentive to exercise this app might just be for you. On the other hand it might just spiral you into a knee-buckling depression.

Quick Calories
So now you’ve decided you need a shake up to get rid of your love handles, keep track on the number of calories you eat in a day. The app conveniently works offline so you’ve no excuses for not knowing you’re over eating whilst quaffing a chocolate bar on the bus ride home.

Calories Burned Calculator
And spinning full circle with the calorie watching, why not cheer yourself up and calculate the calories you burned running for the bus you almost missed because you were in the newsagents buying a flake. Perhaps you can have a treat after all.

fitness appDaily Fibre Intake
Did you know adults should have a fibre intake of 18 grams a day? Probably not, as the average person only consumes 14 grams. Still, it’s not too late to change and you can monitor your fibre intake with this app.

PaceMe allows you to create a record of your workouts and compare performances. Whether you’re looking to kick yourself into shape or train for the marathon, set your goals and give yourself an incentive to achieve a personal best the next time you have a workout.

Alcohol Calorie Calculator
Not even fitness fanatics can resist a pint or two at the weekend, but with the alcohol calorie calculator you can keep a record of your calorie intake and avoid that often dangerous ‘one too many.’ This app might even prove to be the answer to curb binge drinking.

Weight appsFood Additives
The amount of food additives injected into our food these days doesn’t bare thinking about and the food additives app is a useful tool to record the amount of E-numbers your taking in. Search the name of the product or the food group and watch how quickly your diet changes to a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Watchers Calculator
With the Weight Watchers Calculator you get can formulate a diet plan that suits your lifestyle and meet your everyday health and fitness needs. And not only are you getting expert advice you also have links to other useful calculators and utilities that keep your fitness regime in shape.

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