Cheapest iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and 3G

Released March 2011 – The iPad 2 is 33% thinner and up to 15% lighter than the original iPad and once you pick it up, you’ll find it hard to put it down so make sure you get the cheapest iPad 2 price.

It’s once again released in 3 sizes, 16gb, 32gb and 64gb, though this time you have the option of two colours, white or black. It’s original release price from Apple was £499 for the 16gb (WiFi only price £399). It comes with 2 cameras for FaceTime and HD video recording. The Apple dual-core A5 chip makes it perform better and once again you have a 10-hour battery life.

iPad 2 also available with Wi-Fi only.

This is the Wi-Fi and 3G version where you can connect to the Internet wherever you can access a Wi-Fi network or a 3G network.

16Gb from £   32Gb from £   64Gb from £

( ranked by price + delivery cost )

All the above cheapest iPad 2 prices are correct to the best of our knowledge but you should check with retailer yourself before buying.

The big addition to the 2nd generation iPad is the two cameras – one on the front and one on the back. They may be tiny, but they’re a big deal. They’re designed for Apple’s FaceTime video calling which had only worked on iPhones. The back camera is HD so you can also shoot some great movie footage.

Two powerful cores in one A5 chip mean iPad can do twice the work at once. You should notice the difference when you’re using the internet, watching films and going from app to app to app. Multitasking is smoother, apps load faster and everything just works better.

The iPad Smart Cover is brand new custom designed cover the iPas 2. It’s made to work side-by-side with iPad 2. Smart magnetic technology means you can open the Smart Cover and your iPad wakes up instantly, close it and your iPad goes to sleep automatically. (It doesn’t add any real bulk to its thin, light design and another smart  trick is that it transforms into the perfect stand for film-watching, game-playing, web-surfing. It comes in 10 bright colours — including five in rich, aniline-dyed Italian leather.

iPad 2 Smart Covers

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